Coming soon, to a brain near you

One of these days novel – POW – straight to the moon!

Just a brief update today to distract me from a brief distraction from work on my next novel (Codename: The Russian Dwarf Hamster Almanac (subject to change)). The brief distraction from the novel is either a long short story or a short novella, depending on your point of view, which I hope to have done within the next couple of weeks.

Initially it was for a magazine submission but things have a habit of spiralling out of control. And now it’s kind of gone beyond the length of most magazines, let alone their gap for short stories. It’ll either be released part by part on this site for free (!) or as a proper ebook for a low low price (99p?) depending on what it comes out as in the end.

Not much by way of details I can share at the moment but if you check back soon I’ll see if I can throw up a short sample. Gotta keep my air of mystery after all right? What I will say though is ‘Sci Fi’ – although that means nothing really does it? Such is the joy of writin’.

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