A Decayed Creature

I can see those eyes
that creature
mangy, broken
but vicious, fuelled by wounds inflicted
when last we met

Prowling with a snarl
No killer,
nothing so clean
nothing so final
though in the chase there may be wounds
scratches and scars
their mark more than their pain
or just the source of it

to see the mongrel skulking

The Beast
The Darkness,
delusions of grandeur for a scabeous mutt
a lie to make warriors
or martyrs
rather than the reality of easy prey

Not cowards
not weak
but those slavering jaws have their fit
around your throat
and in your gut

So kill Lions and Tigers
climb and dive

The rat bastard,
the diseased,
the rabid
and decayed creature
can still bring you down

No killer here,
nothing so clean
nothing so final

Just a deluded scabeous mutt
who can scar
but never kill
unless you fall in the chase

Image by Ajgiel

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