Always Judge a Book by it’s Cover

Front cover
Back Cover (pending sleeve notes)
Back Cover (pending sleeve notes)

Courtesy of Dave ‘The Artist’ Vigor here are the front and back covers for the upcoming Crashed America, due for a – er- ‘soft’ release on the 13th of January (Monday!).

In a triumph of poor planning, disorganisation and good, old fashioned, fuck-up-covering ‘artistic temprament’ I’m still making the final changes to the book and frenziedly trying to deal with formatting and getting it on-line – all before I follow the lead character and board a plane for the USA myself on Monday morning.

I’ll be posting here as regularly as I can from the road as well as promoting the book at every opportunity, which I’ll appreciate any and all help with (so share everything!)

For now though it’s time to get back to going cross eyed staring at the screen.

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