Crashed America – 4 Days

4 days? Has a slightly terrifying ring to it eh? More final checks today, weeding out minor mistakes, smiling at my favourite bits of the book – and then being slightly surprised that I still have favourite bits after reading it 50 or so times. Not a bad position to be in I reckon.

Anyway today’s musical interlude is brought to you by a jet powered mandolin and one of the finest musicians to ever pluck a string – the late, great Bill Monroe. This is one of those fine songs which both makes you wish you could play an instrument and delivers the decisive hammer blow of letting you know that you’ll probably never, ever be as good as a true master. The lyrical subject is based in some aspect of way back American politics that I know nothing about, despite being able to make a solid attempt at remembering all the words when I’ve had a drink or two and the mood is on me. But when it comes to music a lack of understanding should never be viewed as a problem.

Bill Monroe died only a few years back if memory serves so whilst it doesn’t amount to much I’d like to dedicate this little post to him. As well as attributing a small portion of my ability to soldier through the creation of Crashed America to his work and the effect it had on my weary, word blind brain.

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