Gaps in Time and Space

For those of you who don’t know, which may be everyone, I’m Dylan. Some unspecified number of years back I started a free music blog called ‘Another Goddamn Music Blog’ and began a running obsession with the movement and its output. This was an addition to my addiction to any kind of music but as my writing’s always focused on the free I’ll keep following that tangent. After AGMB I started The Creative UnCommons, which was pretty much the same thing but bigger and from there I moved on to Beat Lizard, which was again more or less the same only not so big and with a focus on Hip Hop. About six months ago both of these sites disappeared in a puff of smoke along with the last few pennies of my meagre wealth and the hosting they relied on. Many were the tears shed and loud was the wailing of the bereaved, funeral processions were led through the streets of London and on-lookers doffed their camps in solemn mourning. However as I was both the procession and the on-looker and I didn’t have a hat it wasn’t quite the news it should have been.

Anyway, I’ve spent today gathering together all the content I could find from those sites, along with my contributions to others (such as and Enough Records) and putting it up here at The Laikanist so it wasn’t all completely lost. Plenty has, however, disappeared into the ether in all likelihood never to be seen again. If you do know of any stuff which should be here but isn’t, let me know.

This site isn’t a free music focused site, or even a music focused one, it’s a portfolio site pure and simple but as my obsessions remain musical and I still love the free scene it’s probable that there’ll be a fair bit of that sort of thing still going on. Plus there will be other stuff including my journalistic writing, comment pieces, prose, poetry, art-work and anything else that dribbles out of the chaotic innards of my mind. Which is lots of stuff.

So, in summary, plenty of stuff.

Dylan Orchard

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