It’s a new dawn…

… it’s a new day, it’s a new site for meeeeee. And I feel alright, I suppose.

A week or two ago I announced that as was would be winding down. The clothes and design side of things was going to shift to a new label (it will) and what was left here would be more the art and writing stuff. Maybe the odd one off tee design, but mostly prints and my other creative output. Now the plan at that point was to finish the new site, sort out all the branding, go back onto the markets and slowly start pulling stuff off of this one bit by bit. Leaving a transition period for people to grab old designs and figure out what was going where.

And then I managed to bollocks it all up and break everything. Well, I say ‘I’ but for now I’m planning to lay all the blame on my hosting company, so they bollocksed up (maybe, probably not, who knows?). Either way the slow transition quickly span out into a confused collapse which has meant I’ve had to start re-doing everything on this site from scratch. Annoying but worse things happen and at least it happened while I was in the process of transitioning anyway.

Over the next couple of days I’ll properly announce the new brand as well as clarifying where everything I do will be available. This is more or less just a headsup to those who’ve already ordered stuff (it’s on its way, no issues) or who wanted to (read on, you’re not out of luck).

For the moment the only place you can buy from me online is over at my Etsy shop. This is mostly just a stop gap measure until all the new stuff is sorted but for now all the old designs are available there. Once they go though, they go – each listing has a couple of months left to run so that’ll be the crossover period I mentioned. If there’s anything you wanted that isn’t listed there then feel free to get in touch and let me know. I do have some end of line stock and I can sort one offs for people if they want them. Again though that’ll only be for so long, once the new brand is on its feet I won’t be covering those old designs.

All that said, keep an eye on this site. As I gradually get it up and running I’ll post some proper updates – probably next week – on what’s happening. At the moment it’s all a bit hectic as I’ll be returning to real world trading this weekend, so a lot of my focus is on getting back to the markets again. Which is good.

Anyway, thanks for bearing with me while all of this gets fixed. Hope all’s well with you and yours.


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