Ogmios : The Last Picnic

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Some meandering beats, intelligent lyricism and some nice ideas with this Dub tinged Hip Hop album from Ogmios. There’s a good range of concepts from track to track, all in the Conscious Rap (a relatively pointless term I know) vain but clever enough in filling in the more interesting imagery and ideas to make for an album worth a proper listen.

The Last Picnic occasionally falls into the trap of sounding smart without necessarily backing it up beyond a few glib lines but that’s a minor failing amidst some genuinely interesting lyrics and trains of thought. ‘Magic Money Machine’ in particular works well tying everything together with ‘Cut Throat Jake’ being another favourite.

There are definite Dubby elements here too not just in the interludes of stretched out, langorous beats but in a handful of the genre tropes used to good effect throughout proceedings. It’s an enjoyable influence to have and not so prominent as to leave the beats without some sense of mixed roots genre wise which compliments the lyricism well.

So, for the most part, good things, well worth having in the collection and giving some thought to.

Available as a free download and a physical release.

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