On the Horizon

Just a quick heads up to let you know what I’m working on for the coming six months/year.

No Cure for Shell Shock only came out in December so there’s still work going on promoting that and, as always, any help you can offer is much appreciated. Amazon and Goodreads reviews, mentions on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, your own site, to strangers on the streets, loved ones, violent enemies, inanimate objects, friendly looking animals – it all helps push things forward and I will be eternally grateful.

As part of that never-ending (and often grinding) process of getting the word out I’m hoping to post up some readings of various poems and, perhaps, short stories from NCfSS in the not too distant future. It’ll be a first for me but as some pieces were always created with the spoken as well as the written word in mind it’s something I’m looking forward to trying. As far as the plan so far goes I’ll be posting them on YouTube and, possibly, as a collection on a site like Band Camp. Obviously it’s not exactly going to be an album but it might be an interesting spin off. More to come on that as I figure it out and do some test recordings though.

The next written release will, in all likelihood, be a collection of poetry without any overarching theme. I’m sitting on a lot of work at the moment which, along with everything that’s appeared on this site, is more than enough to fill a book. The job of cherry picking the best bits, editing it and finding the best way to lay it all out is a big one but the wheels are already in motion on that. I won’t speculate on a release date but by the Summer seems like a fair guess for now.

And the next big project is still undecided. I tend to work on half a dozen pieces at any one time, alternating between them until the obsession kicks in and something starts reaching its final form. At the moment the forerunner is Book Two of Laikanist Times, something that’s been percolating in the back of my mind for a while now. But alongside that I’ve got at least three other novels either outlined or in draft form and they’re all just as likely to take over my attentions. That’s not a quick process though and after the all consuming last half of 2015, where NCfSS was dominating (and occasionally destroying) my thoughts the chance to play with some ideas and see what comes to fruition is a nice change of pace from being stuck inside them and forgetting which way is up.

All of that aside though I still hope to be able to put a lot more work out during 2016, keeping up the flow of short stories and poetry here and elsewhere and, I hope, you’ll enjoy reading it as it comes.



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