Pics Frunk : Puppy Kernel Compilation


Pics Frunk – Puppy Kernel Compilation (Bump Foot)

Coming from Argentine musician Alejandro Nava (a.k.a Pics Frunk) and via Japanese NetLabel ‘Bump Foot’ the ‘Puppy Kernel Compilation’ is proper bedroom producer fair, right down to the creator citing Linux as an influence, which pushes the boundaries of nerdishness to breaking point really, even if that doesn’t mean much with regard to the actually quality here.

Touted on the Bump Foot site as Trip-Hop pretty much all of the five tracks contained here could also be lobbed in with any one of a number of other genres. And pretentious as it sounds I’d probably go with I.D.M., a classification so vague and non-descript that it’s almost impossible to be wrong when you use it. Running at just over 23 minutes this really is just a mouthful of an EP but it doesn’t suffer for it, in fact it’s refreshing to have a project like this without the artist feeling obliged to spin it out into a three hour long audio ‘adventure’, an inclination which you presumably have to display before they give you your copy of Logic and ‘Bed Room Producers Club’ membership card. Puppy Kernel Compilation (pro-tip: Stick ‘puppy’ in your releases name and it’ll be at least 10% better) presents a nicely wrapped up little bundle of downbeat tunes which can do pretty much everything you’d want of them, stick this on in the background and it can bubble away nicely and keep the mood going but if you do listen more closely there are some nice ideas contained. Every now and then something just a little different emerges from the steady rumble of the EP and even it doesn’t amaze when placed against this subtle, refined background there’s still a fair bit to appreciate.

In fact I’d almost like to see what other people could do with this project, perhaps it’s just my own preferences emerging but I do think that those little interesting bits contained here could be adapted, with interesting effect, by other musos. There’s a lot of scope here and the languorous, indifferent feel of the compilation itself, whilst nice for what it is, neglects some of the potential that seems to be here.

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