Revolution in Sound, Revelation in Script

Words are democratic
language is free
the joyful expression
of linguistic debris
a boon to the silenced
a curse to decree
when all that we say
can be more than we see

A revolution in sound,
revelation in script,
ideals in thoughts
and dreams turned to myths

But even in chaos,
in what we can’t see
in the mind’s quiet speeches
the heart’s turning key
those moments we speak
our words all our own
still open the channel
to those that would own
to poisonous treason
and driven intent
to myopic focus
on deciding what’s meant
to turn all that we have
into all that they want
turning thought to assertion
to serve at greed’s wont

With silent delusion
and subtle attack
our words turn around us
as our meaning grows slack

Truth becomes falsehood
our own voice a lie
these things that once freed us
left slowly to die

And through this subversion,
there’s no ill intent
just blind, deaf appraisal
of what should be meant
as words democratic
and language once free
become tools of the certain
and weapons unseen

My latest work, No Cure for Shell Shock, is a collection of short stories and poetry. It’s available as an eBook and a paperback here.

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