Site/Stuff Update

You may (or may not) have noticed that this site has undergone a bit of a face lift for the first time in a long while. The motivation for that has been the gradual shift of all my LaikaRevolution stuff onto this site. LaikaRev will still be there for a while for those using old links but as everything I do there is coming here I won’t be updating it with new products or projects.

Along with the site change I’ll also be changing the product as far as the shirts go. Due to supply issues I’ll be switching over to 100% organic cotton for pretty much everything. Still GOTS certified, still FairWear, still printed in the UK using water based inks but with a different fabric, new colours and a slightly different cut. To be honest though that’s mostly behind the scenes stuff, from your side you might notice a bit of a shift in colours but not much more. What you might notice is new products being added. I’ve already got a new range of designs lined up (four so far) which will be added with the rest and I’m also looking at adding hoodies and a few other bits. Nothing is certain yet but hopefully something to look forward to.

Writing wise big stuff is coming too. I’m currently editing a new novel into shape and so far so (relatively) good. No deadline on that though, it’s always a slow process bringing something like that to the point where you’re comfortable letting go of it. Keep an eye out for updates though.

You may also be seeing me out and about in the real world too. I recently started doing Greenwich Market in London and, depending on how business goes there, it may become a regular thing. So fingers crossed on that one. If not I’ll still be on the hunt for a place to set up shop. Online stuff is all well and good but having your feet on the ground and meeting people is always better, even if I don’t show it after 9 hours on my feet in the cold/heat.

Anyway, think that’s all there is to add for now but more to come soon with a bit of luck.


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