Spilling Your Guts (A Living Donation Journey)

Nearing the one year anniversary of my kidney donation I was getting a little bit reflective so, after reading back through my blog posts at the time, I thought I’d throw them all together in a little mini-book. It’s not too long, most of it’s just pulled from this site, but I have added an intro and a one year on update, as well as doing some editing and throwing in a couple of quick illustrations. If you’re thinking of donating it might offer some insights into the process, or at least my specific experience of it (your mileage may vary). If you know someone who is it might be of use too, I can’t say really. Beyond that it’s there for anyone who’s interested too, you never know. It’s Creative Commons licensed so you’re free to download and share it wherever you like (as long as it’s not for profit and you attribute it to me).

I might get a few printed copies done too, mostly because I wouldn’t mind having one, but if any else is interested then just let me know – could maybe sell some off to raise money for a related charity, or just sell them at cost, I don’t know really.

Anyway, fill your boots.

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