Hi, I’m Dylan.

I’m a South East London born and based writer, artist and general rambler and everything that you see on this site is drawn, designed or written by me.


I’ve only recently started drawing again – a year or two ago now – for the first time since I was a kid. It was a bit of a revelation to me, getting back into it. I’ve never studied art or anything (which may show from time to time) but it’s become a passion almost equal to writing in my life.

I’ve been learning as I go, trying new styles and messing about with new tools – an ongoing process. This site is the testing ground for that – a place to present my work to the world, not just to sell but also as a platform for sharing what I create.

Everything I produce is part of an ongoing process, I have no brand identity to promote, no grand aesthetic ethos to live up to – I just create what I create and share what I can. And I hope you like it.


As I’ve got a style it’s on the darkly comedic and surreal side of things. My debut novella (Laikanist Times) was my first grand adventure in the world of Indie Publishing and is available in all eBook formats.

My début full length novel (Crashed America) was released on the 1st of May 2014 and is available in all eBook formats and paperback.

My most recent (written) project was the short story and poetry collection No Cure for Shell Shock which is available in all eBook formats as well as in paperback. I also wrote the script for Dead Man Dying (based on an earlier story I’d written), a short which was presented at the Canne Film Market in 2017.

I’ve also written extensively on Open Culture, free music, Alternative and UK Hip Hop for various sites and webzines.

If you’d like more info on (or review copies of) any of my projects or have questions you can contact me using the contact form.

The Practical Stuff

Shipping –

All orders are shipped within 5 working days. Worldwide shipping is available so wherever you are feel free to order. As both myself and the print/t-shirt production are UK based remember deliveries may take a little longer depending where you are.

Ethical/Organic –

I try to ensure that everything I sell is as ethical as I can make it. The t-shirts for example are FairWear and GOTS certified, plus they’re printed in the UK using water based inks. I also focus on using suppliers who work with organic or recycled materials.

Image use: All images on this site *should* be Creative Commons licensed for re-use. If you’re aware of one that isn’t please drop me a line and I’ll remove it. No misuse of copyrighted material is ever intentional.