Edinburgh Fringe 2015

Well, I limped home yesterday from my flying four day visit to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. A grand time was had by all, too many drinks were drunk, good shows were seen, terrible ones too, many miles were walked and far too few cheap meals eaten but then Guinness is sustenance enough for a rugged individual like myself, right?

Having seen some great shows I’ll be posting some reviews over the next few days to cherry pick a few favourites and big up some fellow struggling artists. Not that any of the gobshites will buy my books in return of course but it’s nothing if not a cold hard world. Except in Edinburgh apparently, where it’s a humid and sweaty one full of people desperately forcing fliers onto you and begging you to follow them up dark staircases to dingy attics.

On a side note though there’s even been a little talk/drunken conjecture about the possibility of me taking a show up next year. Not as a full fledged, month long endurance test but perhaps a reading or too with some underpaid associates. Why should comics and actors have all the fun after all? Writers like people too, honest, we do.

Anyway, check back for more.

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