Have you heard the good news?

This week I will mostly be behaving like a half arsed Jehovah’s Witness. Expect me to knock repeatedly on your electronic door early of a morning, linger awkwardly in your doorway, shout through the letter box and harass you endlessly to read my pamphlets. Or newsletter, to be more accurate.

In general marketing makes my eyes bleed and my heart heavy because, let’s face it, I’m about as good at it as most anti-social literary types are. That said a healthy mailing list is apparently the cornerstone of success in this dog eat dog, cat eat cat and human eat horse world of writing so if you love me and you want to  let me know make sure you sign up. I’ve added a sign up form to the site (eyes left) and, though it probably goes without saying, I’m not planning to spam you to death. A few e-mails every now and then when I do something will be about the sum of it and I doubt I’d know how to illicitly share your details even if I wanted to. So there.

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