I’ve been everywhere, man

Cake-1Well, I’ve been to a lot of places at least but not as many as Laikanist Times is starting to go to. It’s now available for free on both Scribd and Barnes & Noble (as well as Smashwords¬†and this site). Still waiting for Amazon to adjust the price to free and the only way to get them to speed the process up is to go to the book page and hit the option to ‘tell us about a lower price’ below the product info. Copy in the link to Smashwords and with any luck they’ll do their price match thing. A far from convenient workaround but such is the way of things. And if you could help out it’d be much appreciated.

Also much appreciated are reviews, whether they’re on Amazon, Goodreads, Smashwords, the back of a beer mat, a sleeping childs face – whenever, wherever it’s all good. Unless it’s bad of course, in which case screw you. Anyway, updates to follow when Amazon gets sorted.


Barnes & Noble (Nook)

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