Leaving on a jet plane…

… don’t know when I’ll be back again. And so on.

This Sunday I’m off to Nepal for three months, probably. Maybe for longer, or maybe travelling on to somewhere else, or maybe dashing back as soon as I can. Who can say?

Anyway, this trip is a mix between straight forward holiday – because I want one – working trip, because I have a crap load of half finished stories that need writing and pilgrimage to see some big mountains, because I love big mountains. Not walking up them mind, just being in their vicinity and staring at them. Something a city like London always denies you, the chance to see a horizon which isn’t man made, a horizon which is completely indifferent to the human condition and the day to day experience of it. Very liberating, I think, although it’s been a long time since I saw anything that wasn’t just more walls and buildings.

As I mentioned I will, hopefully, be writing a lot as I go. Not about Nepal particularly, unless I can find something worth saying about it, but about everything else. I’ll post here as and when I can, either new work or just updates on my journey and by the time I get back I should have a lot of new stuff to share.

While I’m out there I should also be able to unveil a new project I’ve been involved in which is currently in its final stages. A short film based on one of my stories. I’ve seen the current edit and it’s worth looking forward to but as it’s currently being polished off and submitted to festivals I can’t share it quite yet. Either way, one to keep an eye out for.

Anyway, expect more when I’ve skipped the concrete cave of London and jetted off to Kathmandu, like cool cats do.



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