Red Flag

It’s that time of year again. They’re making a list, checking it twice, trying to find out whose votes they can suppress – Boris Johnson’s coming to town. And to mark the occasion I’ve done this limited run design which I’ll be selling up until January 1st.

I’ll be sending all profits on to Brixton Soup Kitchen. I did consider donating to the Labour Party itself but while I am a member and supporter and definitely see the value in helping in any way possible to win the election – I couldn’t feel right with it in the end. Elections may cost a lot to campaign for but Labour has access to 100ks of members and a lot more support through the unions. People who are out there trying to help people through, especially around Winter/Christmas, don’t.

I’ve been planning some fundraising designs for a while now and this is the very first of them. How well it’ll go I have no idea but if you like the design spread the word, my capacity for marketing has always been pretty non-existent so every little helps.

And just to be clear everything about this is unofficial – I’m not endorsed by Labour, Brixton Soup Kitchen or anyone at all for that matter. This is just a thing I’m doing, so we’ll see how it goes.


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