Snowpiercer (Film)

I’m not a film reviewer so I’m not even going to trying saying anything substantive about this. Instead I’ll just say – watch it. It’s a cracking film directed by Bong Joon-ho with elements of Brazil, Children of Men and 1984 but still very definitely it’s own thing. Some fairly obvious political tones but even if that’s not your thing it’s still a great film and it leaves you with questions to explore after the credits have rolled.

It’s on Netflix too, so as long as you know someone with an account you can scrounge off of it’s free to watch as well.

P.S. Apparently there’s going to be a TV series too, which sounds like a terrible idea frankly. This is a perfectly encapsulated story, definitely not something that needs the US TV, we need 40 episodes and a cliff hanger with every one treatment.

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