Trump’s Militias, Perhaps

I was reading the other day about the militias that go down to the border and play soldier in the sand dunes. A mix between racism, paranoia, overdone patriotism, dressing up and just harassing random brown people – imagining that they’re all cartel bosses and hitmen. Border agency and police seem to let them just do their thing, although some actively work with them – either as individuals or as unofficial policy – feeding them info, marking out travel routes etc. They also have a strong Trump supporting tendency, unsurprisingly.

Probably the only thing you can say in their favour is that these organised militias at least operate with some tenuous notion of control. They keep the crazies localised, listed and, almost certainly, riddled with informers. Which, if you’re going to have heavily armed racists and apocalyptic day dreamers is better than just letting them squat in rural bunkers wanking away the days until they can re-enact Red Dawn.

I do wonder though, as one of the many depressing possibilities of US politics, how they’ll react under Trump. If the wall goes up and, worse, if there’s real follow through on the mass deportations then these are just the people to appoint themselves as enforcers.

Hopefully, maybe even probably, the grand claims about deporting non-citizens will be on the same level as prohibition. Photo ops and headlines but next to zero success. Not that that’s good, but it’s better than the alternative if you’re liable to be a victim to it. With militia groups thinking of themselves as auxiliaries to the right wing of the state though and people within the official structures happy to feed their sense of self-importance who knows what’ll happen. Even if it turns out to be a hollow promise from Trump they and their fellow travelers could still assume the duty and get away with more violence and harassment with even minimal legal backing. Can even justify it as a loyal supporter – Donald may have to compromise in speeches, but we know he wants us dragging Mexicans out of their homes and to the border. So does the local Sheriff, border agent, community etc.

Anyway, just a thought.

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