After a long few weeks glacial progress is being made on two new books, sort of. I’m alternating between the two like an ADD toddler only with none of the focus or drive but out of chaos comes form. Sooner or later, probably.

The first is a full length novel on a Sci-Fi trip. Something which is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me given how easy it is to resort to happy clichés the second you give yourself access to a universe full of spaceships and the like. But also something which, if you like that sort of thing, is an enjoyable world to slip into. And hopefully I’m doing it without falling into too many of the trope filled traps. I do have a couple of related short stories which’ll emerge before that’s done though so keep an eye out for those.

Secondly I’m working on a series of shorts which are more likely to see the light of day this side of 2015 as I’m hoping to publish at least a few of them to this site in the not too distant future. They’re all focused on London, as most things are, and while I can think of absolutely nothing coherent to say about them without just posting them they’re probably more in the direction of Laikanist Times than Crashed America. Which is to say they leave me grinning and cackling like an idiot but may well make no sense to anybody else. As they filter out I’m going to start planning for a proper release which includes the bits that’ll be on the site as well as a whole load of extras, possibly with pictures for the short of attention.

Until then though both of my previous books are of course available and y’all would be doing me a big ass favour if you kept getting the word out about them. The more people read what I’ve already done, the quicker I am to do more.

Anyway, keep checking back for updates and there’ll be more on both projects soon.

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