All I want is your heart baby… and maybe a retina or two.

Today’s public service announcement is brought to you by, well, ME. As someone perpetually not arsed to do the things I should be doing I’m always happy to find something completely effort free that’s also undeniably a good thing. Like signing up to give my decaying innards away upon my untimely death in a fist fight with a dozen small monkeys.

Don't weep, wail or despair, it'll be a noble end.
Don’t weep, wail or despair, it’ll be a noble end.

Registering to give your bits over to the NHS, so they can save some poor sods life when you’ve lost yours, is the work of a few minutes. For them though it’s a whole lifetime. Simple enough right? So I’ll stop at that before I go all BBC charity appeal and start posting pictures of starving children and sick looking donkeys.

But really, sign up, don’t be a bastard. You won’t need any of it when you’re gone.

And in case you were wondering…

11. How do they know you are really dead?

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