The Dada Weatherman : The Green Waltz


The Dada Weatherman – The Green Waltz (Jamendo)

It’s one of the best bits of Creative Commons music, the fact that you can randomly download something simply because you like the bands name. In fact you can download a dozen albums a day without pausing for a second to think about whether it’s worth it, it turns the internet into one big sweet shop for the wide eyed kids of the music loving world, free to jam audio chocolate down our throats until we’re left bloated, vomiting and suffering from occasional heart pain and diabetes. It’s got to be one of the few settings where greed really is good. Although clearly not one where the metaphors bring similar joy.

Anyway, The Dada Weatherman and their album, The Green Waltz. Running at just over an hour it’s a steady album of comfortably coma inducing Folk Pop which weaves slowly and gently along, hugging your ears and rocking you to sleep. Which is nice. The whole album feels polished to a glaring shine which works well with the occasional Dylan-esque aspirations, cutting away some of the jagged edges of the Great Mans own rough and ready Folk and creating something which comes out as a good, if not overly original, variation on a much emulated theme. And without meaning to over state the point this really is a well produced album, certainly on par with any commercial production and a fine role model, of sorts, for all those aspiring folkies out there who think that their genius is enough to make the world ignore their dire production quality.

Admittedly, on the down side, this isn’t the sort of album which is liable to grab a place as somebody’s favourite musical masterpiece but it’s so easy to listen to that it could easily sit on your playlist for years to come, never moving you to run home for a hit but always a welcome filler for every day life. And that’s really no mean feat given that a fair bit of free music desperately aspires to doing something new without ever thinking about it long enough to do it right, something perfectly formed if not exactly radical can go far further than a new idea done without thought.

Certainly worth a download and a place on the hard drive.

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