Crashed America – 3 Days

If you’re on a Country kick then it’s bound to happen sooner or later. You can amble far and wide, from Bill Monroe to the Old Crow Medicine Show but like an addict reaching for that bottle there’s an inevitability about these things. Eventually you will end up with Hank Williams Senior (seriously, screw Junior). Not only is he the legend amongst legends but his brand of of heartfelt, human Country remains arguably the most affecting and emotive out there. Plus he made some straight up cool songs, like the one below.

On the Crashed America front today marked the confirmation of the print copy, with all the myriad pitfalls of pricing it (still a bargain, don’t worry) and the doing of mundane things which were of very little interest to me let alone anyone else. So a bit of Hank should ease the boredom nicely…

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