Crashed America – 5 Days

Now granted I’m more of a rum drinker but on those rare occasions where I feel the need to glare through the bottom of a glass/bottle of whiskey this is the music I do it to. I was introduced to Murder by Death by a good friend of mine whose mind is, for the most part, sitting outside a cabin in the back of beyond sipping some bourbon and fingering a Smith & Wesson just in case the gubment come calling. But then he is a writer and his physical form is generally stuck in front of a screen grinding his way through his (long awaited) magnum opus, which just goes to show that the mind is bigger than the moment. The bourbon part, however, he has done to a fine, drunken art.

Today I’ve mostly been shirking responsibility and glancing admiringly at the proof copy of Crashed America. I find it’s far easier to do that than open it and start getting actual work done but with just 5 days to go I’m going to have to leap into action soon enough. For now though, a glass of something and a song…

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