Deltron 3030 : Event II release date

Undoubtedly my most eagerly awaited album of 2012, now that I half believe it actually will come out in 2012, and follow up to one of the best Alt-Hip Hop albums of all time ‘Deltron Event II’ has finally been confirmed for a July 21st release. Or May, according to another rumour but as the July date came straight from Kid Koala that’s probably the one to go with. Although given this album’s status as Hip Hop’s Duke Nukem Forever/Chinese Democracy (only in development terms that is, I’m assuming it won’t be shit and/or have Axl Rose on it) I won’t take anything as a certainty until I’ve got it blasting out of some speakers.

A couple of rough demos were released about a year back, in amongst hints that it’d be a 2011 release, unpolished as they are I took them as a positive contact (seewhatididthere!?!) from the Deltron team. If nothing else they at least dispelled some inherent paranoia about what would emerge after 12 years (!) with Del, The Automator and Kid Koala away from their collective Deltron persona.


‘Brothers Will Have to Fight’ shows some hints of the same grandiose and generally awesome production from the original album along with Del doing what Del does so well. Which does a fair bit towards making me forgive him for being the worst one of the crew for random, ever-unreliable prophecies of release dates – going back to 2010 at least.


‘Planet of the Hard Headed Holograms’ is a short skit which again ties in with the Deltron style.

And most recently there’s ‘Bioscientists’ which Del released after getting however many Facebook likes on some status. Rather cheekily it’s released as a Deltron track despite there being no contributions from Dan The Automator or Kid Koala, which really shows given the relatively messy and lightweight production on it. You can tell Del’s getting back into it but a third of the crew just doesn’t cut it. Not an album track though so no need to panic.


Also recently Del did a web cast about life, the universe and everything, he touched on Deltron to mention a release date in the not too distant future (this was before the July date was announced). He also mentioned that the album wouldn’t just be an all out epic story (‘it’s not a book’) which, in a way, is a bit of a shame but I have faith – plus he took the time to give some love to The Automator whose production is pretty much always good so there’s not much scope for concern there. On a side note he also said Dubstep was good, so no one’s perfect.

Anyway, with mere months to go until the Event II arrives on vinyl, CD and as a download I’ll keep my eye out for any further developments and you can, of course, expect a review the second I’ve heard enough to pass my biblical judgement. ‘Til then there’s always the original.

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