In the small wee hours of tomorrow morning I’ll be boarding a plane to Marrakech, off and away for a few weeks of badly planned, poorly funded wandering around North Africa. And the second I realise that I’m actually going I’m almost certainly going to be looking forward to it.

A big part of the trip is the idea that I’ll be able to focus on my writing, finish off my current novel, the collection of shorts and, with any luck, get going on a novella which I’ve been toying with writing recently. So if all goes to plan I should be coming back with a load of new projects to unveil. Down side to that is that I’m not planning to do much updating here while I’m away. In part because I’m not always going to have access to a computer and in part because I want to ignore my poorly defined responsibilities and instead just enjoy the trip. If I do get a chance to post something up though I will, maybe even something about my travels.

Those doubts aside though if I do find anything to say about what I find then I will and hopefully it won’t be too navel gazing. But don’t expect the regular updates that there have been of late to continue too much over the next month or so.

Anyway, here’s to 2015, here’s to Morocco and here’s to a good year ahead for all.


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