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Donald Trump says build a wall
some frenzied fans say ‘Kill them all!’
it doesn’t matter on the creed
the words
the place
the thoughts
or deeds
as long as there’s a shouting fight,
a big ass brawl
then it’s alright

Old Hillary’s got another stance
grab the money
do the dance
Tango, Foxtrot, Whine and Grind
she’ll even Twerk
with Bill behind
just don’t listen
to the voices
who pay the bucks
and make her choices
they don’t count
if you don’t see
and money’s better
than Democracy

Big Ted Cruz?
He speaks to God
though Jesus thinks he’s mighty odd
he holds his tongue
and walks away
but he’s a Commie anyway
Ted don’t care,
he knows the truth,
guns and Founders are his proof
the Bible says what it should say
and Obamacare’s the Devil’s way
so stick to all the Holy scripture
and turn a buck for each prescription

Feel the Bern
Red for life
Che Bernie’s here
to ruin your life
under your bed
and in your house
with Lenin’s ghost somewhere about
here to purge your 1%,
break up the banks,
re-build the spent

But before the vapors send you screaming
remember that Obama feeling
‘Yes we can’
‘Yes we will’
until the Repubs closed the Hill
and even Mammon would lament
at all the greed
with no dissent
So let old Bernie have his shot
he sure as hell can’t do a lot

Plenty more just fade away,
humiliated in their own way
Jeb’s the loser of the clan
he can blame the Georges,
or perhaps Saddam
and Carson lost it way back when
amidst the Pyramids
and a confused plan

But who knows what comes next?
Bloomberg may just take the test,
Kanye West may grab the mic,
Ted Nugent might just start to snipe,
Seany Penn could hit the streets,
the Reagan route
to no defeat

It doesn’t matter all that much
the free world has long since gone clear bust
and no one person can or would
fix the nation as they should
No, it’s on the rest of you
to bring about the change that’s due
all together
all alike

Yes, we can
and yes…
we might

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