Laikanist Times: Book Two

Well, it’s taken 6 years to get here but here we are. Laikanist Times Book Two is finished and available for purchase.

Book one was my first real attempt to actually get my writing out there. Written in a fug on one of my first trips to the United States it was a frenzied, joyous abandonment of common sense and literary credibility. Scrawled down in basements and bars across the continent, it was a testament to the revelatory experience of writing what you like and liking what you write, guileless and unplanned. An experience that I’ve only really captured since when I started drawing for the first time, recapturing that child like glee of creating stuff without caring who saw or expecting anything from it. But finishing off Book Two was a pretty goddamn close thing.

A few people liked my first effort, plenty more probably didn’t, but who cares eh? Certainly not me, because I’m back once again with a follow up and with book three waiting in the wings too. Although given my natural love of procrastination we might be another six years from any kind of resolution there. But at any rate, you can buy Book Two here.

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