Launching Laika57…

Well it’s taken a while to get here and there’s a long way left to go but as of now Laika57 Clothing officially exists!

This is the big change I’ve been building up to over the last month or so, the one that introduces a load of new designs, changes the look of things and the one which you’ll see me pushing more and more when I’m out and about at markets and events.

You can check the new line out over here and, of course, wherever I happen to be in the real world (news to follow on upcoming events).

This also means that a lot of my old work will be disappearing soon, lots of designs are already unavailable but it’s not too late to grab something from past ranges yet. Plenty of stuff is still listed over on Etsy, where it’ll stay for a couple more months crossover period, and I’ve also created People’s Republic of London for the perennial favourites of us parochial Londoners.

Beyond those main outlets I’m also working on some other new stuff as well as some special one off designs which will be available on this site. Confusing I know but since I started doing the art stuff – and later the clothes – the range of what I do has grown so wide that trying to present it all in one place just stopped making sense. There’s a certain charm to pushing abstract minimalism alongside pictures of dogs, granted, but while you end up covering a lot of ground you don’t have any kind of focus on any one style. This way my life will (hopefully) get easier as I organise stuff and you can cherry pick what you want to see more of and what you don’t. And this site is where you can come for updates on everything that I’m up to, as well as the writing and more arty end of the design stuff (plus original pieces and prints).

It’s all still a work in progress for now mind. While Laika57 is fully up and running this site is still in the midst of a major re-fit and there’s still more stuff which I want to add under another heading eventually – including work from guest artists like Barney Farmer and Lee Healey (all back soon, I promise).

Anyway, while all that’s going on keep an eye out for new stuff and feel free to drop me a line if you’ve got any questions. While I’m definitely trying to phase certain styles and designs out I’m still happy to try and sort them if there’s something you particularly want but can’t find any more.

In the meantime – hope all is well with you and yours and hope you like Laika57!


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