Pat Maine : Nighttime Medicine

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The beats drift and swing in a manner most pleasing, although not necessarily in a particularly spectacular way. Still well produced though and a nice ebb and flow of beats which are a bit more subtle than the norm and have a slightly deviant element running through them – hints of the ’80s from a white suit wearing, Electronic music sort of direction. Quite pleasant though.

Lyrically honest and at times interesting in a self-revelatory but not bravado laden sort of way. Does drift a little into self-indulgence at times and there’s not an infinite well of depth here but that’s no cause to be put off.

‘Oldie But a Goodie’ is probably the strongest track, at least as selected by me, possibly because it’s got an element of Outlaw Country guitar (another deviant undercurrent) in there which is never to be sneered at.

It’s also available as a free download so there’s really no reason not to get Nighttime Medicine.

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