Super Chron Flight Brothers : Indonesia


Super Chron Flight Brothers – Indonesia (Backwoodz Studioz)

A bit of a stretch today, at least as far as the ‘Creative Commons’ tag goes because this ain’t, as it were. This is however a free album and licensing aside it deserves a bit of loving attention. So, Super Chron Flight Brothers, superbly ridiculous name to start with and an album of undeniably ‘Underground’ Hip Hop, as opposed to the thousands of others who label themselves under the genre simply because it makes them sound more interesting than if they were to admit to churning out generic and largely unsuccesful stuff which is just a poor imitation of what the mainstream is doing more effectively. Although exactly what constitutes ‘Underground’ Hip Hop is a matter for debate, but let’s just say that something which has some vague aspiration to do something new, or at least relatively under-done so far, qualifies.

So does ‘Indonesia’ do anything that’s particularly new or interesting? We-ell, not really in a general sort of sense. The lyrics and delivery are nice but not exactly awe-inspiring, certainly more interesting than chart stuff but not unique enough to be challenging the likes of Aesop Rock. Which makes for something like a 7 out of 10 on that front, a reasonable pass in the great exam of not making shit music. And the rest? Again, it’s nice, really nice in fact, in a heavy, Dubstep sort of way, most certainly a sound which can be sunk into in a comfortable half conscious fug; perhaps even too easy to sink into at times as the beats become so relaxed and laid back as to send you half to sleep and leave the lyrical efforts as an out of focus side line to the parts which actually dominate the experience of listening. Not a bad style when it’s heard in the right mood but it does mean that you can’t really throw it on as something to focus on and get properly involved in as an active excercise.

Apparently on their debut effort (‘Emergency Powers’), which I’ll no doubt be digging out for a listen, the Super Chron Flight Brothers were working with the likes of Cannibal Ox and MF Doom, which gives a clue of the level they’re deservedly working at and what they’re doing and also raises questions as to why they’re not a lot bigger than they apparently are. The fact that I’d not heard of them is no great surprise because I’m crap at following things but poking around it seems that they haven’t gotten themselves all that much of a name amongst those in the know either and I’m not entirely sure why. I’m used to CC groups being neglected by the mainstream(ish) media but to see a group like this which comes from a commercial footing languishing in the back alleys of the musical world feels like a rather clear cut indicator of why that model of the music industry is fading away. Even if this album is at the top end of ‘Good’ as opposed to reaching perfection it still deserves a hell of a lot more listeners than it’s apparently getting, so here’s hoping that a free release will get those involved some much deserved exposure.

Anyway, undoubtedly worth a download and preferably a Zen evening of head nodding, chilling out to enjoy it (herbal assitance optional).

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